Thursday, January 22, 2009

Abolition of Man

Abolition of Man was a bit of a difficult read, but once we discussed it in class I think I got a bit of a knowledge from it. It is something I would like to read. I might take Adriana's suggestion a read one or two paragraphs a night so I can fully understand it.  Especially since I am becoming a teacher. 

We have come to a world of using words that do not speak the truth or facts but emotions, or how we feel. We are being taught in school how to use our good emotions and get rid of our bad emotions, so once we are adults we won't have to count on reason in our pursuit of goodness or truth. 

In class Professor Paulo showed us a list of words that have changed over time. These words have changed because if people use the original word it might hurt them. The original word was too strong and forceful. Here are the ones that stuck out to me:
Unborn baby = fetus
Abortion = pro-choice
It's almost a political correctness way of going about things. Actually, the Abolition of Man really seems like it could be an essay about political correctness. Politically Correct is the term used to describe a word that has been changed so it doesn't hurt anybodies feelings. For example a janitor is now called a custodian. Or a handicapped person is now called physically challenged. I think there is some reason for changing words, but it's really get out of hand these days. We are so careful not to offend anybody we don't speak the truth. 

Also, man thinks that they are gaining more and more power of nature, which in reality, they are gaining more power over each other. It's very interesting when put into that perspective, it's kind of dwindles down the importance of gaining power. 

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