Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meditation in a Toolshed

This is article is about whether experiences are true or not. What is considered to be 'in love', when a physiologist would tell you that is just a 'biological stimulus' causing the feeling of be 'in love'.  

I have struggled with the idea of everything I do has a neurological reason. It reminds me of a TIME magazine article I once read about how we all have a gene/dna/(some really technical word) that forces/yearns for something bigger than ourselves or God. So naturally I have questioned; do I only believe in God because my genes want me to? Do I really have a decision or choice in my everyday options? Ooo! (an idea just popped in my head) Maybe our gene/dna is really God's way of predestination? (Oh geez, I'm not going to go there)

I also thought of depression when I read this article. Now, I know there is some depression that is caused by outside sources, but sometimes depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. Now this raises the question of why would God allow a chemical imbalance in some people, but not with others? Depression is horrible suffering, to be sad and lonely with no explanation. It makes me wonder if it's an along the beam kind of thing, or at the beam kinda thing. Because if you are looking at the beam you will see the chemical imbalance, but if you look along you will see a sad person.  

I also think of comparison between a "thinker" and a "feeler". I recently got into an argument with my sister. I am a thinker, and she is a feeler.  She was upset because of something I had said. I did not mean to hurt her in what I said, in fact it wasn't hurtful (well, I still don't think so). But she twisted and turned it in head into something that was not meant by what I said. She couldn't see that what I saying, she could only see what she wanted to see. Instead of looking at the truth, and the motivation behind the statement she just looked at her feelings. I feel as though the thinker looks beyond what is just felt. Of course, me being the thinker I have to look at her and know that her feelings were genuinely hurt and really describe by what was meant by it and (suck it up) and apologize. She was looking along the beam when she needed to look at it.

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