Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Engaging God's World - Plantinga (Vocation in the Kingdom of God)

I found this chapter very encouraging. It really goes through why it is so important to have an education, and not only any education but a Christian education. 

It made me really realize how fortunate I am to be attending Calvin College. Once again I will say it was a hard decision, and this chapter really put it into perspective what I probably would be doing some place else. I did not come to Calvin just for knowledge, but for wisdom as well. 

It's very encouraging to be told why it's important to take core. Well, I've always known, but it's really good to be reminded. The book also says it a lot better than I have ever heard from any Calvin professor. I also liked the part where it talks about foreign language, saying "learning a second language not only equips a person to pursue business or art in new venues; it also respects strangers and opens the way for hospitality to them."

I guess I liked this chapter so much because it really opened my eyes to the huge impact my education will not only make on myself, but others as well. 

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