Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man or Rabbit?

Man or Rabbit is a C.S. Lewis essay which answers the question; Can you lead a good life without believing in Christianity?

An interesting question. Lewis, to put it simply, says no. "The idea of reaching 'a good life' without Christ is based on a double error. Firstly, we cannot do it; and secondly, in a setting up a 'a good life' as our final goal, we have missed the very point of our existence." 

I am not too sure I agree 100% percent with Lewis' conclusion. #1) We have to consider the point of view of the person that is asking the question. Lewis' view of the good life is obviously different than the view of the asker. At the beginning of the article Lewis should write what the definition of  'good life' is. #2) Lewis doesn't address the issue more than he addresses the issue of how the asker avoids Christianity, and why he or she avoid the question. 

Although, I did like this essay a lot. The words Lewis uses to describe how a person avoids Christianity is very vivid and truthful.  "He is deliberately trying not to know whether Christianity is true or false, because he foresees endless trouble if it should turn out to be true." This is so true of our American culture. Many people shrug off Christianity, not because they have many reasons of believing it to be false, but because of the "endless trouble" if it is true. People can be so lazy, not taking the time to ask the real questions, or even worse not getting answers to them. It is a disease.

I also really like the idea of whoever is asking this question is acknowledging that Christianity is a good life. I feel as though, they are asking; are there any other options for me to live a good life if I am not a Christian? Then the answer is more simple; no. 

Lewis makes it a complex idea simple. Put simply a good life doesn't matter to Christians. A good life is one that doesn't care if they are leading a good life. 

Two videos of what a materialist would say the good life is:

The Good Life - Kanye West

Weezer - Beverly Hills

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